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Quartz Explosion Proof On/Off Valve Monitor

1- Features

  • Wide variety of switching & communication options including solid state proximity and mechanical switches as well as communication and 4-20mA continuous outputs.
  • Enclosures optimized for tough process environments
  • Rapid enclosure access
  • Quick set cams
  • Extremely compact with space saving visual indication
  • Dual shaft o-ring seals


2- Benefits

  • Switch, sensor, communication options to fit most applications
  • Screw-on cover allows quick enclosure access, reduces maintenance and set-up time.
  • Touch and tune switch settings allow you to make adjustments in seconds
  • Visual indicator offers excellent view ability without sacrificing accessibility or adding to space requirements.
  • The oil impregnated bronze bushing maintains smooth operation and eliminates the potential for shaft seizure due to actuator shaft eccentricity.
  • Top inner and bottom outer shaft o-rings seal the drive bushing from both external corrosives and internal contaminants

3- Specifications

QX35 / QN35: Universal voltage switching and solenoid termination
QX45 / QN45: Namur sensors (7-24 VDC)
Communication options: AS-Interface, Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet
Temperature range: up to -40 °C … +80 °C
Material: Epoxy coated anodized aluminum, optional polycarbonate cover
Hazardous area approvals: Ex d, Ex n, Ex ia (for complete list see technical bulletin)

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