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Rosemount™ 5408 Level Transmitter – Non-Contacting Radar

(Tiếng Việt)

  • Low 12V dc lift-off voltage
  • Immune to intermittent power loss
  • Unique PTFE seal design eliminates the need for o-rings
  • Model tailored to SIS requirements, certified to IEC 61508 SIL 2
  • Solid measurement with unique solids algorithm
  • Process seal antenna for applications with heavy condensation and aggressive medias. Also available with Tri Clamp connection.
  • 3-A certified for hygienic applications
  • 3-A certified for hygienic applications
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Radar Level Gauge 5900S

The Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge delivers ±0.5 mm (0.020 in.) instrument accuracy, reducing level measurement uncertainty to a minimum. It enhances your storage operation by providing certified custody transfer accuracy, better inventory management and reliable loss control data.
The Rosemount 5900S is normally combined with high precision multi-spot temperature sensors for highest accuracy API standard net volume calculations.
The Rosemount 5900S takes overfill safety to a higher level with an innovative 2-in-1 feature which includes two radar gauges in one housing for independent level and overfill measurement. It is SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified according to IEC 61508 and enables API 2350 compliant solutions

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Rosemount 5900S with Still-Pipe Array Antenna

The Rosemount 5900S with array antenna is a premium non-contact radar level gauge for still-pipe measurement. It is available in two versions, fixed and hinged hatch. Typical applications are crude oil tanks with floating roofs and gasoline/product tanks with or without inner floating roofs.
■ Suitable for crude oil, gasoline or similar products. For Methanol please consult factory.
■ Custody transfer accuracy according to OIML R85:2008
■ Certified SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable according to IEC 61508
■ 2-in-1 functionality available for redundant level measurement
■ Tolerant against rust and product deposits inside the pipe, using Low Loss mode
■ Communicates via a 2-wire, low voltage Tankbus for easy and safe installation
■ Hinged hatch version enables easier product sampling and hand-dips
■ Installation normally with tank in service

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Rosemount 2240S ( Multi-input Temperature Transmitter)

  • Get ultra-stable temperature measurement for precise inventory calculations and custody transfer for API chapter 7.3 compliance.
  • Obtain outstanding temperature conversion accuracy of ±0.05 °C (±0.09 °F).
  • Connect up to 16 three- or four-wire temperature elements.
  • Include integrated water level sensor.
  • Benefit from convenient and safe installation with two-wire IS bus power supply.
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Rosemount 2410 TankHub

  • Collect and transfer data from one or several tanks to the control room.
  • Save installation cost by using the bus powered intrinsically safe two-wire Tankbus.
  • Choose between several control room communication possibilities, including Modbus, IEC 62591 (WirelessHART® protocol) and emulation of other vendors’ protocols.
  • Calculate average temperature, observed density and strapping table based volume.
  • Simplify start-up with tank device auto-configuration.
  • Get two configurable output relays, and one analog output for level alarm, all of which are SIL certified.
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