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Rosemount 2240S ( Multi-input Temperature Transmitter)

  • Get ultra-stable temperature measurement for precise inventory calculations and custody transfer for API chapter 7.3 compliance.
  • Obtain outstanding temperature conversion accuracy of ±0.05 °C (±0.09 °F).
  • Connect up to 16 three- or four-wire temperature elements.
  • Include integrated water level sensor.
  • Benefit from convenient and safe installation with two-wire IS bus power supply









±0.05 °C (±0.09 °F). Over measuring range and ambient temperature 20 °C (68 °F).
Ambient Temperature Effect
±0.05 °C (±0.09 °F).
Measuring Range
Supports -200 to 250 °C (-328 to 482 °F) for Pt-100.
± 0.1 °C (± 0.1 °F) according to API chapter 7 and 12.
Number of Spot Elements
Up to 16 RTD spot elements:
• 3-wire common return or individual wiring.
• 4-wire individual wiring.
Sensor Type
Supports Pt-100 (according to IEC/EN60751, ASTM E1137) and Cu-90.
Communication Protocol
Foundation™ Fieldbus for connection to Rosemount 2410 with self-configuring Tankbus or any Foundation™ Fieldbus host system.
Custody Transfer Approval
OIML R85:2008, and national certifications such as PTB, NMi etc.
Emulation Capability
Possible to integrate with legacy tank gauging systems.
Metrology Sealing
Supports emulation of other vendors’ communication protocols: E.g. Enraf, L&J Tankway, Varec Mark/Space, Whessoe, GPE, Sakura and Tokyo Keiso.
Power Supply
• FISCO: 9.0 – 17.5 VDC polarity insensitive (for example from 2410 Tank Hub).
• Entity: 9.0 – 30.0 VDC polarity insensitive.
Ambient Temperature
-40 to +70 °C (-40 to +158 °F).
Minimum start-up temperature is -50 °C (-58 °F).

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